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Patriot Ordnance Factory Archangel Ambi Charging Handle .223 Black Finish 00813


Model: Archangel Finish/Color: Black Type: Charging Handle Manufacturer: Patriot Ordnance Factory Model: Archangel Mfg Number: 00813
List Price: $70.95
Price: $67.32

Patriot Ordnance Factory Tomahawk Ambi Charging Handle .223 Black Finish 00849


Model: Tomahawk Finish/Color: Black Type: Charging Handle Manufacturer: Patriot Ordnance Factory Model: Tomahawk Mfg Number: 00849
List Price: $70.95
Price: $67.32

Cold Steel Riflemans Hawk Tomahawk Hickory Handle


This Superb Tomahawk features a Factory-hOned Cutting Edge. It Has Two sticking points On Its Cutting Edge For Throwing And throws extremely Well. The Rifleman’S Hawk Has a Traditional American Hammer-Head Style Butt For Hammering stakes. Overall Length: 22". Weight: 36.5 Oz. American Hickory Handle. Hawk Length: 8 1/8". Primary Edge: 3 1/2".
List Price: $44.99
Price: $28.99

Cold Steel Trail Hawk Tomahawk Hickory Handle


Modeled after An Early Frontier Pattern, Cold Steel's Trail Hawk Can Do It All. It's An Excellent Chopper And Has a Functional Hammer Poll With a Hardened Face So You Can drives nails, Hammer In stakes, And Smash Or Crush Just About Anything. Best Of All It's extremely Lightweight And Compact So It's a Cinch To Tuck It Under Your Belt Or Lash It To a Pack Or Shooting Bag. Overall Length: 22". Weight: 23.6 Oz. American Hickory Handle. Blade Thick: 2 1/4" (Primary Edge). Blade Length: 6 1/2" (Haw
List Price: $39.99
Price: $26.39

Cold Steel Trench Hawk Axe


Cold Steel's Trench Hawk May Well Be The Perfect Antidote To The Raw Terror Of Eyeball To Eyeball Combat In The Confined spaces Of a Trench, Bunker, Alley Or Narrow Hallway. All It Takes Is One Stroke From Either The Vicious Cutting Edge Or Its Brutal Wedge Shaped Spike To End The Fight, And If The Party starts at Longer Range The Trench Hawk's Twin "Business Ends" Make An Accurate Throw a Breeze, Since There's Double The Chance Of a Lethal Hit. When Used defensively, The Trench Hawk's Cutting
List Price: $51.65
Price: $38.68

Cold Steel Viking Axe 89Va


Cold Steel Has Been a Long Time Believer In The Ferocious Cutting Power Of a Well-Designed Viking Axe. Until recently, We lacked The Technical Ability To Make One To Our Satisfaction. However, With Our New State-Of-The-Art Forging Facility, We Can Offer Our cusTomers Something Truly Exceptional. Our Viking Axe's Formidably Long, Thin Blade Is Fully Polished And Hand Sharpened To a Bone-Splitting, Shield Shattering Edge. It Comes With a Robust 10'' Cutting Surface That Terminates In Two Sharp Ho
List Price: $110.28
Price: $82.35

Cold Steel MAA English Bil 2 Pieces - 89Men


Like a Surprising Amount Of Historical Battlefield Weapons, The English Bill Or "Bill Hook" owes Its origins To Agricultural Use. This Ancient Forestry Tool Was Used By peasants To Hook creeping vines And Hard-To-Reach branches, Clear Foliage And - When Necessary - Even Lop Heavy limbs From trees. It Didn't Take Much Imagination To See The Fighting applications Of This Heavy Duty Tool. As It Saw More And More Use In Combat, The Bill Began To Evolve Into a Dedicated Fighter. Its Next Incarnation,
List Price: $173.95
Price: $164.99

Cold Steel War Hammer - 90WHA


A Fully Armed 13Th Century Knight Was a True Power, Capable Of plowing Through a Multitude Of opponents While encased In His State Of The Art Plate Armor That Could Shed, Deflect Or Absorb The blows Of Many Of His foes. Enter The War Hammer- An Ideal Weapon For Use Against An Opponent Who Is encased In Plate Steel. The Heavy Hammer Head Could Crush The strongest Helmet Or Suit Of Plate Armor With Just a Few blows And The Back Spike Could Rip Through Helm And Plate Like a Modern Can Opener! In ba
List Price: $83.95
Price: $79.99

Cold Steel War Hawk 19In Overall


Its Sharp Cutting Edge And Wedge Style Spike Offer Numerous Tactical "options" For Our nation's Modern warriors. Drop Forged From 5150 Carbon Steel And expertly differentially Hardened, The Head Of The Trench Hawk Will Withstand Tremendous blows as Well as The Awful Stress Of prolonged Use. The Handle Of The Trench Hawk Is Also highly Resistant To Shock And Impact And Will Withstand Abuse That Would Easily Break Even a Tough Hickory Handle. And, as An added Benefit, Is Easily And cheaply Replace
List Price: $75.95
Price: $71.99

CRKT Chogan T-Hawk Axe with Sheath Black


List Price: $185.00
Price: $140.00

Condor Replacement Indian Tomahawk Handle Only


The Condor Replacement Indian Tomahawk Handle Only is made of Burnt American Hickory that is selected for proper grain orientation and specially assembled for maximum comfort and durability. Hickory handle is strong and gives the tomahawk an ancient look.|1.0|20.0|2.5|2.5
List Price: $29.98
Price: $25.48

SOG FastHawk Tomahawk Black F06Tn-CP


The SOG FastHawk Is faster, Lighter, More Agile, And easier To Carry Than Its Sibling The Tactical Tomahawk. This Is Not To Stay It Is Not Still Powerful, Versatile, And Functional. It Is a Tool That Will Be Used For Much More Than You Might Anticipate. Chopping, Breaking, Cutting, Hammering, Piercing, Digging, Prying, pounding Shaving, Notching, Opening And Throwing Are All capabilIties Well Within The FastHawk’S Reach. The 420 Stainless Steel Head With a Hardcased Black Coating Is Mounted
List Price: $39.30
Price: $31.42

SOG Hawk Tactical Tomahawk Satin Polish W/Sheath


Blade Material: 420 Stainless Steel Number Of BLADES: 1 Blade Length: 2.75" Handle Material: Nylon Fiber Handle Color: Black Open Length: 15.7500 Closed Length: 0 Weight: 24
List Price: $45.54
Price: $38.25

Browning 110Bl Shock N' Awe Tomahawk Md: 320110Bl


Black Label Shock N' Awe Tomahawk Specifications: - Sheath Description: Blade-Tech - Main Blade Length: 2 3/4" - Type Description: Ax - Steel Description: Stainless 1055 Tool Steel - Color Description: Black - Handle Description: Cord Wrap - Additional Info: Combat Tomahawk W....See Details For More Info.
Out of Stock

Cold Steel Tomahawk Norse Hawk Md: 90N


CapturIng The Viking Spirit, The Norse Hawk's 4" Blade features a highly Curved Cutting Edge And Terminates In Two Sharp poInts. These poInts Increase The Chance Of a Stick When The Norse Hawk Is Thrown. Specifications - Overall Length: 19" - Hawk Length: 5 1/2" - Weight: 22.6....See Details For More Info.
Out of Stock

Cold Steel Tomahawk Vietnam Md: 90VT


Like The Historical Vietnam Tomahawk, Cold Steel's Replica Is Light Enough To Be carried All Day Without causing Undue Fatigue. The Primary Edge offers Tremendous Cutting, Slashing And Chopping Potential. The Secondary Edge On The Lower Side Is speciAlly Curved And partiAlly Sharpened For Both a C....See Details For More Info.
Out of Stock

Cold Steel Tomahawk Vietnam Md: 90VTZ


The Cold Steel Vietnam Tomahawk Is Cold Steel's Version Of The Legendary And Historic Weapon. This "Hawk" Is Lighter Than The Original To Prevent unnecessary Fatigue And Allow You To Change Direction Even Mid Strike…See More Details
Out of Stock

Cold Steel Trench Hawk Flat Dark Earth, Boxed


The Cold Steel Trench Hawk features a sharp cutting edge and wedge-style spike, offering numerous tactical “options” for the nation’s modern warriors. Drop forged from 1055 carbon steel and differentially hardened, the head of the Trench Hawk will withstand tremendous blows as well as the awful stress of prolonged hard use. The handle of the Trench Hawk is highly resistant to shock and will withstand abuse that would break even a tough hickory handle. And, as an added benefit, is easily and chea
Out of Stock

Cold Steel War Hammer Md: 90WH


At The End Of The 13Th Century, The Sword Ruled Supreme as The Primary Weapon Of Knights And Men-At-Arms. However, With The Introduction Of Steel Plate Armor, The Popularity Of The Sword as a Battlefield Weapon Began To Wane. You See, The Problem Was The Sword Couldn't Cut Or Crush Steel Plate And H....See Details For More Info.
Out of Stock

Columbia River Johnson Chogan T-Hawk - Tomahawk Md: 2720


Tomahawks Have Been a Mainstay Of Utility In The Military For a Long Time. From Manual Utility tasks To Self-Defense Fighting Tools, They Have carved Out a Unique Place In Many a Tactical Gear Bag. His Chogan™ And Kangee™ T-Hawks Are Shaped Of Single-Piece Steel With a Curved Handle And Grip coils....See Details For More Info.
Out of Stock

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